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Congratulations on your decision to be married!

With refined culture, amazing dining, and rich history, it's no wonder that more and more people are choosing the New Orleans area for their wedding.


If you're looking for a beautiful venue, consider Metairie Ridge Presbyterian Church for your wedding. 


A wedding here is first and foremost an act of worship and a covenant with God.


Marriage is a gift God has given to all humankind for the well-being of the entire human family. Marriage involves a unique commitment between two people to love and support each other for the rest of their lives. The sacrificial love that unites the couple sustains them as faithful and responsible members of the church and the wider community.


We ask that your decision be made with prayer, however, it is not required that you be a member of Metairie Ridge Presbyterian Church to be married here. 


If you feel that Metairie Ridge is right for your wedding, we encourage you to begin the application process as soon as possible, as certain dates are reserved very quickly.


To assist you with making that decision and planning your wedding, please call the church office at (504) 833-6357 or email our Wedding Coordinator at

Wedding Application 

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