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The Day Care Center

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Metairie Ridge Presbyterian Church's Day Care Learning Center is a state-licensed B center for children six weeks through two years old. The center operates year round from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. As part of the church's ministry to the community it is operated by the Christian Growth and Nurture Committee and supported by the entire community.

Our purpose is to provide for children an atmosphere of love, security, acceptance, faith, guidance, independence and protection while allowing parents to work or further their own education by providing an environment that is consistent with the child's background and the parents' values. Our goal is to help children develop a sense of self-worth and individual recognition of who they are as a person.

About Our Director
Our Director, Susan Acosta, has been working with children at Metairie Ridge since 1982.

Weekly Tuition: 

  • First Infant Child : $180
  • Second Infant : $165
  • First 1 or 2 Year Old Child : $170
  • Second 1 or 2 Year Old Child : $165
  • 2 Week Sick & Vacation Rate for Infants : $105
  • 2 Week Sick & Vacation Rate for 1 or 2 Year Old Child : $95


  • Annual registration fee: $180 (nonrefundable)

For more information, please contact the Day Care Center at: 504.831.2887

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