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From Our Pastor

Posted on: February 26 2019 | Posted in: Church News

Happy Mardi Gras Everyone!

           In this season of celebration with family and friends, I want to take a moment and celebrate the blessing that is Metairie Ridge. I’m still blown away at how far this church has come in the past seven months!
Whether it be our faith-filled worship, important mission work or sharing in our loving fellowship, this church continues to grow into what I believe God calls Metairie Ridge to be in this community and for each other.
Here are a few things that we as a church have accomplished in the past two months.

On the mission front, our opportunity to host Program of Hope in January was a tremendous success!
I think I can speak for everyone who participated, when I express how powerful and meaningful helping our brothers and sisters in need can be.
The grateful smiles of those who had some burden lifted by the generosity of the members of this church and others continue to feed the hope I have for what this community can be.
Thank you to everyone who helped make this so special, and thank you to those who continue to give their time and efforts to the mission of Christ’s church.

In other news, the Session welcomed two new members; Lisa Jennings and Rachel Bobadilla! We are beyond grateful for their willingness to take on this leadership role in the church as well as the other members of the session.
With their help, we will continue to build off of the very strong foundation that Metairie Ridge has formed since I began my time as your pastor.
With that in mind, the Session re-structured the committees of the church, and you can find those listings in the March/April Ridge Reader.

As I have preached on in the previous month, we are all given gifts from God, and we are called to use them for the greater good.
The church is the avenue in which we can employ what we have been blessed with and act as a reflection of Christ’s love for the world.
May we continue to grow into that call.

-Pastor David


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