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A Word From Our Pastor

Posted on: January 14 2019 | Posted in: Church News

Dear All,

           The New Year begins anew, and a bright future is before us as we continue the work of God in this community and as we continue to grow as a church family at Metairie Ridge. The past six months have been some of the most rewarding experiences in my life, and I am truly grateful for all of the support and encouragement that you all have given me as I begin my ministerial journey with you all. Here are a few highlights of what we accomplished this past year and what we hope to build on in 2019!

First, our mission program has come into full fruition with Program of Hope and the Jefferson Presbyterian Food Bank at its core. We are hosting Program of Hope during the months of January and July this year, and it serves as a great opportunity to take the lead in lending a helping hand to those in need in the New Orleans Area. We are also blessed with the partnership we have developed with our sister church at Jefferson Presbyterian as they continue their good and important work of supplying the members of the Jefferson Community with much needed food. It is a valuable and important part of the church that I am proud to be a part of, and I give thanks to God for all of those of you who have dedicated your time and talents to this important cause.

Second, have you seen the Sanctuary and Narthex?! 
Much needed repairs to our beautiful campus have taken place, and I think I can speak for everyone when I give thanks for all of the hands that helped the repairs take place and for how great our space looks now!

These are just a couple of highlights from this past year. There are many other aspects of ministry taking place inside and outside of the walls of Metairie Ridge that are all important in how we impact the people of this church and the people of this community.
My prayer is that the work of the church continues in the new year. May we continue to heed God’s call to us to be a community of the faithful, and be one that practices what Christ calls us to be as a church and individuals.                    

As I have said before, Metairie Ridge has a bright future, and with God’s help and yours, may we live into our call to be the church that Christ calls us to be, both individually and as a community. May this year be a true blessing.

Pastor David


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